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Clipping path is the process of removing background of an image and makes it ready to place in any background. To do clipping path photoshop pen tool is the best choice and thus the path can be selected perfectly without any distortion of the image. After clipping path is done then everything inside the path is included but everything outside the path is omitted.

How to do clipping path:

To perform clipping path the step by step procedure are described below.

  • First open the image that you want to use for doing clipping path in photoshop.
  • Then go to the photoshop toolbox and select the pen tool or you can use the keyboard shortcut. From the keyboard to select the pen tool using shortcut key Ctrl or Cmd + “P” for Mac.
  • Within the image click on the edge of the actual product and free the mouse button. To a certain distance click on edge once more and by holding it drug the mouse indicator in the direction of the front place and make a curve as you required for the previous segment. After you find the outline is exactly inside the edge of the product, just release the mouse. Repeat the same process until you find the point from where you started the path. Finally finding the starting point click on that point to generate a close path and at this time the outside path drawing is done.
  • To draw paths for each of the gaps within the product start drawing a new path point similar to previous process. For all gaps the similar process need to do. And now the paths illustration is done for removing background of an image.
  • Now you need to apply clipping path into your created paths. Go to path palette under the Window menu and double click on the created “Work Path” and save it with a name.
  • To apply clipping path just click on the pop-up menu in the path palette and select clipping path option. And now you are done clipping path of your image.

By doing clipping path with pen tool in photoshop the perfect clipped image is possible and thus the image can be used at any purpose like website design, brochure, card and so on . So wish you good luck with clipping path tutorial.

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